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Diamonds Are Forever

Good morning! It is another beautiful day here in Washington. I can hear the birds chirping from where I sit. I know it has been a while since I last wrote to you, but things have been kind of busy! Tommy and I have moved to a new house and we are renovating the garage to become my studio! It is so exciting! The drywall guys will be here at 9am so I need to get this blog post written! Seeing as we just had Valentine's Day, this blog titled "Diamonds are Forever" seems fitting. :) I want to show you the quilt finished first: Diamond Alley by Sassafras Lane Designs Piecing with diamonds can be a challenge because everything is bias! Needless to say, a few words were exchanged with this quilt. Sassafras Lane Designs did a wonderful job with their instructions and I would recommend this pattern for someone with a lot of experience. Ok enough on the construction of it and onto the quilting! I wasn't 100% sure how I wanted to quilt this quilt. So, wh