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Triple Diamonds

I began this quilt in September of 2016. Between moving twice, having a baby, doing my normal quilting, learning a design program, and writing a pattern, I can officially say it is a pattern!!! (Hopefully with no errors!) Thank you to all the lovely ladies who helped proof it for me. If you would like one, then just email me, They are $12 each. I will be doing both retail and wholesale orders! Should I mention that it won First Place in the Large Quilt Category at our local show?! :) Baby Norah is just a month old!  I must say that this quilt was a huge challenge for me. Learning EQ7 (the design software) was a huge learning curve, as well as learning how to operate my computer through different programs. I much rather quilt all day. :) The effort was well worth the reward. So happy to have accomplished this at 25 and with a baby! I can't say thank-you enough to everyone who has helped encourage me to do this.  The quilt itself has