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Modern Queen

Today has been a wonderful day. The weather was absolutely gorgeous! 63 and sunny, who could ask for a better day? Little Miss spent the day with Nana so Mama was able to get some work done! I wanted to share these beautiful quilts that a lovely lady named Jo, brought over from Bainbridge Island.  I really enjoy doing my micro work on custom quilts. However, not every quilt needs custom quilting to show it off. The quilt below was for Jo's granddaughter. I love how modern it is! We decided to do an edge to edge on this quilt. The wonky medallion is beautifully offset. The use of the modern edge to edge design, "Dazzle" by Urban Elementz , really looks beautiful on this quilt.  "Dazzle" by Urban Elementz Here is another little quilt, I believe it was for a very special puppy. I used the same "Dazzle" edge to edge on this quilt. It definitely keeps the quilt modern! One lucky pup gets this quilt. Oh my goodness! Look at this beauty! I