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Mom's Quilt

I designed this quilt on EQ7. I wanted to do a pieced traditional look, with a modern approach to quilting. I fell in love with this fabric, it is "Zola" by Quilting Treasures. I immediately ordered two jelly rolls because I wasn't quite sure how much I needed, plus I loved it! I hardly made a dent in the 40 strip roll for my quilt. I'll have to figure out what to do with the leftovers later.  Here is a picture of the quilt on my brother's bed. He basically is only home on the weekends, and he knows how much work goes into my quilts. He also loves them and I think he enjoys seeing all the new creations that arrive on his bed! I need to put a sleeve on this and get it hung, but for now it is nice and flat on his bed, thanks Bub!  My mom saw this quilt on Francis and immediately fell in love with it. So I told her she could have it, because I have never actually made a quilt for her, and she deserves it. I just haven't given it to her yet.... :)