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12th Quilter Fan

I love football! I love my Seahawk's! Maybe they can make it to the Super Bowl again?! I am hopeful. Needless to say we have a lot of 12 fans here in the great state of Washington. So it would be normal to have several Seahawk's themed quilts arrive in my studio. This one is completed by a quilter friend whom I have had the pleasure of doing many of her quilts. I love Karen because she brings me the quilt and says "Go for it". This is my favorite phrase in the world because I am limitless in my quilting designs!  After just completing the Rother quilt (my previous post) I wanted to challenge myself to use straight line quilting only in this quilt. So I did! And it turned out wonderfully!   When Karen dropped her quilt off she was a little worried about the center of the quilt. The embroidery was beautiful, however, the center of the quilt did not lay flat. I told her not to worry! I can do this! Below is a picture of the center of the qui