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From Washington to Michigan

Good Morning from Michigan! I am sitting here at the dining room table watching the snow fall and enjoying a nice hot cup of decaf coffee and granola with fresh blueberries from this summer. Yummy! Only thing that could be better is if the coffee was regular! Little Baby, however, isn't supposed to have too much caffeine in one day. How was your New Years and Christmas? Tommy and I had a wonderful time with family for Christmas. We are truly blessed to have our family and friends. New Years Eve we made it up until about 11:30 and then we both fell asleep on the couch! We woke up at 12:05,  wished each other a Happy New Year and went to bed! I wanted to share with you a quilt that actually came across country when we moved to Michigan back in September. Can you believe it has already been 4 months since our arrival?! I cannot wait to go back to Washington for a visit at the end of the month! I miss so many people there! Sharon, bless her heart, was so patient to wait for thi