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Tulip Fields

 Goodmorning! I am training for a half marathon in June and yesterday I ran 4 miles with my beautiful doggies! That run was pretty easy, compared to beginning this quilt!  Now, what I mean by difficult was the creative juices to start this beauty. It took me two days to figure out a design for the border! I was on Pinterest looking up ideas and saving them to my "quilting" board. I finally came across one, and I have to admit I was a little nervous to do it! And then I sat down and analyzed it, and I realized that it was just straight lines and a few curves! All of which I have rulers for. :) I first found the center of the border. Then I divided the border into thirds and made a point at the 2/3 mark from the bottom. This 2/3 mark is where I made my first curve to. What I did, because we all like continuous lines, is start at the bottom left corner of the top border and made my way across the quilt, then when I finished at the bottom right of the