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Sweet Backings

image from google All the years I have been quilting, its so much fun to see what and how clients choose backing fabrics. What backing style are you?  Brownie - By the time you finish the quilt top you just want it over with! You would rather choose a 108" wide fabric for the back and not worry about piecing it at all.  Regina chose a "brownie" backing for her #bonniehuntermystery quilt Fruit Pizza- You love color! The more the better. Choosing to have a super scrappy backing is your taste. Doesn't matter how many pieces it takes!  Jo loves to do her fruit pizza backings! Each is unique to her quilt.  Cheesecake - You like to keep it modern but classy. Making a modern quilt back is your go to. Whether it is fun piecing through the center or an orphan block from the quilt top, you'll add a little pizazz to your backing.   A modern "cheesecake" backing with a sweet topping :) Tiramisu - The backing must match the top you say! Choosing a fabric from the qu

Hey!...It's Been A While

 Hey Hey Hey!  It has been a hot minute since I have been able to even think about writing a blog post. My husband and I agreed that 2020 would be a year of not making any major decisions. Due to COVID that has been pretty easy! I am going to hit the highlights and catch you up until now.  I love January because it is my birthday month. Woop! Woop! I turned 28 and had a very productive month doing client quilts. I also was 8 months pregnant. It made for very llloonngg days in the studio and lots of rest and snack breaks.  First finish of 2020. Storm at Sea by Beth Taylor February started off brutal. My husband, who is in the Air Force Reserves, was gone for a month of training in Virginia. I was pregnant and due the 25. He was supposed to come home that day too. It was also Leap Year! Through out my pregnancy we were taking bets, we chose not to find out the gender, and most people thought we were having a boy while I was thoroughly convinced it was a girl. Funny thing was we were soli