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Wonky Flying Geese

Every quilt is unique. The piecing tells the story of the time and patience the quilter put into their project. The color choices tell of a personality, either for a specific person or of themselves. This quilt was beautiful all around. The color was striking, class red and white with a splash of black. Being modern had me excited to work on it too!  Fresh off Francis and ready to be squared and surged. I chose to do straight lines in the 2" border. Straight lines in borders really help a quilt hang straight. Plus they are easy to quilt and with as much as this quilt had going on in the inside, the simplicity of the straight lines was the perfect pair. Wonky flying geese.  The wonky flying geese were tricky to figure out continuous quilting. The key to custom quilting is figuring out a plan to continuous quilt. This quilt I was able to figure out a path to continuous quilt and that made quilting the black/white flying geese and the red background around them easie

Shoo Fly!

Today is Saturday. And a rainy one at that. I have been going through my Google Photos finding quilts that I haven't written about. Here is Norma's Quilt. I was able to give our local quilt club a few discount coupons and Norma was a lucky winner! She made this quilt for her granddaughter, but she can't have it until after our quilt show, which is in July! I always find it amusing that quilters make quilts and have them quilted but can't give them to the recipient until after a certain date. I mean if you have worked this hard you deserve to show it off!  Working our way down the quilt.  There are so many things I enjoyed about this quilt. I love the simple color way Norma chose. The black and white and gold are classics. I only used black and white thread (Superior So Fine #50) on this quilt. Black in the black and then white in the white and gold fabrics. I thought about changing to gold thread to quilt the gold, however, the amount of time to stop and start w