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Two Is More

I am so thankful for the talent God has given me. The gifts that He has provided me to be able to do what I love all day and make a living for my family, words can not fully describe. I have much appreciation and thanks to the King of Kings! I also have an appreciation for Mrs. Sharon. She and her husband were on a motorcycle trip and decided to stop into the shop for the first time. I must have been working on a quilt top, or maybe it was the sample quilts on the wall, I can't quite remember, but she admired my work and our relationship took off from there! A few weeks later she had shipped a quilt to me to work on for her granddaughter. I have done several for her, the latest which are these two. Here is a before picture of the Seahawk's quilt for her daughter. I like seeing the before picture before it is all quilted so there is appreciation for the longarm quilting! A closeup of the individual pinwheel block. I used monofilament thread in this entire block. When it

12th Quilter Fan

I love football! I love my Seahawk's! Maybe they can make it to the Super Bowl again?! I am hopeful. Needless to say we have a lot of 12 fans here in the great state of Washington. So it would be normal to have several Seahawk's themed quilts arrive in my studio. This one is completed by a quilter friend whom I have had the pleasure of doing many of her quilts. I love Karen because she brings me the quilt and says "Go for it". This is my favorite phrase in the world because I am limitless in my quilting designs!  After just completing the Rother quilt (my previous post) I wanted to challenge myself to use straight line quilting only in this quilt. So I did! And it turned out wonderfully!   When Karen dropped her quilt off she was a little worried about the center of the quilt. The embroidery was beautiful, however, the center of the quilt did not lay flat. I told her not to worry! I can do this! Below is a picture of the center of the qui

Rother Quilt

What a busy October it has been! Mimi and I were vendors at the West Sound Quilt Show in Bremerton, WA the first weekend of October. And then there were vow renewals for friends, a new puppy, birthdays, doctors appointments. I am sure you know how time can get away from you! Anyways, here is a quilt I have been working on and finally finished! The Rother's absolutley loved it! And the husband made it! How cool is that! Not very often do I find men quilter's and I love to see their color choices and design work. Everyone can be a quilter! So here is what I did. I took a picture of the quilt before it was quilted. I like to do this so I can see before and after pictures and critique my own work later. Decide, if I ever were to get another one similiar, how could I improve or change my work.   I just received EQ7 and have enjoyed playing around with it. So I thought what a great way to improve my computer skills and learn the software than to design this quilt in it! I got

Hello :)

My sister Jerri and I  Hello readers! My name is Brianne Moores and I am a long arm quilter. I found my passion for longarm quilting two years ago. With the help of my family I was able to open Sequim Quilt Co. (check out Sequim Quilt Co. Facebook page) and with the encouragement of my grandmother I purchased an Innova Longarm Quilting Machine and never looked back.God gave me a talent and I have been blessed to have the opportunity and trust from clients to continue to grow and learn. Francis, an Innova Longarm Quilting Machine This is Francis, my Innova Longarm Quilting Machine. He is made in Texas and Jack from Boersma's Sewing Center introduced us two years ago. He is my other half and we have fun all day long together. He never argues with me and always does what I ask. He comes with Lightning Stitch, which makes him stitch perfect. He also has hydraulics and an LED light, which makes quilting in the dark fantastic. I can't wait to see what future