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Rother Quilt

What a busy October it has been! Mimi and I were vendors at the West Sound Quilt Show in Bremerton, WA the first weekend of October. And then there were vow renewals for friends, a new puppy, birthdays, doctors appointments. I am sure you know how time can get away from you! Anyways, here is a quilt I have been working on and finally finished! The Rother's absolutley loved it! And the husband made it! How cool is that! Not very often do I find men quilter's and I love to see their color choices and design work. Everyone can be a quilter! So here is what I did. I took a picture of the quilt before it was quilted. I like to do this so I can see before and after pictures and critique my own work later. Decide, if I ever were to get another one similiar, how could I improve or change my work.   I just received EQ7 and have enjoyed playing around with it. So I thought what a great way to improve my computer skills and learn the software than to design this quilt in it! I got