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Glacier Star

Goodmorning Quilters! I love being able to wake up, have a cup of coffee and then walk ten feet to my studio and start creating! There is something freeing about owning your own business. At times it is testing, hard, emotional. However, most days, especially in the profession that I am in, is gratifying, creative, and fun! Since moving back home, I have distributed cards to the local shops and have been pleasantly surprised by the loyal customers that have returned to me upon hearing that I am back in town. I love the loyalty and the support to continue in my profession and to build back up the business. Thank you to those ladies who have called and said "Welcome home! Can I bring you a quilt?" Anyways, on to the quilt! Trish, is a member of our local club and brought me this Glacier Star quilt last month to quilt for the 2018 quilt show. She is ahead of the game! To be honest, it baffled me on how to quilt it. I went online to a Facebook site of longarm quilters and

Mola Wall Hanging

Look at the fabulous color! Aren't Mola quilts just fantastic. The intricate stitchery and tiny little fabric pieces make for an eye catching piece. Gunvar, the owner of this piece, picked it up in Panama a few years ago. She explained to me that it was going to be a wall hanging.  Gunvar explained that she did not want any quilting inside the Mola piece, just quilting in the black. At first I was a little worried. When the inside of such a large piece is not quilted it tends to "flop" forward. I made sure to explain this to her and she understood what I was explaining, but still insisted that it not be quilted, as she was going to mount it to a frame. So I did not quilt inside the Mola.  What I did do, as you can see in the picture above, was stitch a 1/4" outside the Mola. Both Gunvar and I liked this idea of a so called echoing line around the Mola. It frames the beautiful stitchery and makes it clear where the piece is and where the quilti