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Garden of Hexies

Last fall, our quilt club took a field trip to The Patchwork Place. On our excursion we were able to go into their "Book Room" and got some fabulous deals! My dear friend Loretta bought a book, no I can't remember the name of it now!, and made this quilt. She asked me to quilt it and I was so thrilled! I love to work on the more primitive, traditional quilts because it challenges me to do that kind of quilting. You can't put modern into this quilt! When I mounted this quilt onto my frame I had no idea what was going to happen in the borders. I knew that the hexies inside the quilt would be quilted simply and with monofilament thread. There were so many color changes, from light to dark, that I wasn't going to continue to change thread and stop and start each pass. So I used mono and it worked out just fine!     You have to keep it simple sometimes. Because I couldn't decide on border treatments I continued to quilt the inside of the quilt first. Now,