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Pups in Sweaters

I remember three years ago driving to Bellingham to pick up my dog "Lucy". I had mentioned to my husband that I wanted a baby and he suggested we get a dog first, which in hindsight was perfect. I immediately started searching for German Shepherds everywhere I could. When I saw her cute, big eared face on Craigslist, I knew this would be my dog. My husband and I drove up the next day to take a look at her and we fell in love. We met her previous owners at a beautiful park and she was all puppy at four months old. Those big paws, falling all over the place, and yet curious and protective at the same time. She has turned our house into a home. I just love her! left: 4 months old right:  Norah 16 months, Lucy 3 years Ok, enough about my little family. :) My dear client Sharon sent me this beautiful quilt and I finally have a moment to write about it this morning. Can you guess whats on it?.... If you guessed dogs you would be correct! Dogs in sweaters to be more precis