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Two Is More

I am so thankful for the talent God has given me. The gifts that He has provided me to be able to do what I love all day and make a living for my family, words can not fully describe. I have much appreciation and thanks to the King of Kings! I also have an appreciation for Mrs. Sharon. She and her husband were on a motorcycle trip and decided to stop into the shop for the first time. I must have been working on a quilt top, or maybe it was the sample quilts on the wall, I can't quite remember, but she admired my work and our relationship took off from there! A few weeks later she had shipped a quilt to me to work on for her granddaughter. I have done several for her, the latest which are these two. Here is a before picture of the Seahawk's quilt for her daughter. I like seeing the before picture before it is all quilted so there is appreciation for the longarm quilting! A closeup of the individual pinwheel block. I used monofilament thread in this entire block. When it