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Happy Halloween... In November

I hope everyone is having a blessed day! I never realized when I had a baby my life would change forever! No longer do I get to quilt for 5+ hours a day. It is thirty minute sessions spread throughout, and if I am lucky and she takes a nap I might get an hour. :) I wouldn't have it any other way. The tired, coffee filled days are marked by Norah's milestones, currently working on saying "Mama", and the quilts that I am so blessed to work on. Can we just take a moment to see how cute my little one is and my almost three year old sister! Happy Halloween!  Remember my quilt "Triple Diamonds"? Look under the July tab.. "Folks... We have a Winner". It won 1st Place Large Quilts at our Sun Bonnet Sue Quilt Club here in Sequim. I wanted to put it into Paducah, but I don't think I have perfected a pattern yet, and I am always improving on my technique as a machine quilter. One day it will happen! Anyways, my dear client Sharon pieced my pattern