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Black and White Fun.

Who doesn't like black and white? It can be classic, it can be modern, it can be whatever you want it to be. Combining printed blacks with solid white to get this design was brilliant by creator Lynn who was following a Bonnie Hunter Quilt Along.  When Lynn first brought me this quilt, she wanted me to accentuate the white in the quilt. Makes sense given that this would be great negative space and where you would actually see the quilting. If this quilt were done in less busy colors, then you really could have two different designs to go for, that is quilt them so the eye is drawn to these specific areas. Because this particular quilt is so busy, as far as fabric choices go, the only quilting the eye would see is in the white and in the solid black border.   Accent Quilting #1 Accent Quilting #2 How did I come up with my quilting choice for the white? Well, by now you must know that I prefer to do straight line quilting

Time Goes By...

Here it is, December 1st and I am finally getting around to writing another post for all of you. It has been a crazy couple of months since the last post. Much has been happening. For starters, two quilt retreats, a new job, a new house to renovate, oh and a baby on the way (due in June)! Time sure has gone by and it doesn't feel like three months since we moved to Michigan. Winter is upon us and so is the quilting season here. As the snow flurries come down today and the warmth of the house envelopes me, I feel the creative vibe coming on and the many things I hope to accomplish this winter, besides getting the nursery ready! Here is a quilt that I cut out in Forks, WA when Mimi and I were at a show. I then pieced it in Sequim in July after I came home from my trip to Poland. Now, in Michigan I have finally quilted it! I wonder what state the binding will go on in? :) This is a Sew Kind of Wonderful Quick Curve Ruler pattern and it was a lot of fun to do! Those girls really kn