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Quilting Quilting Quilting

Hello Everyone! My what a busy time it has been since my last blog post in March! Forgive me! I don't know where the time went.... well yes I do! Francis and I have been crazy busy quilting. We had our Forks show in April and then our local Sun Bonnet Sue Quilt Club's Show is in July and my back log is becoming more full by the week! So blessed to be busy and enjoying every minute of it! And of course I'll take anyone's quilt that would like me to work on it, you may just get it in 2 months instead of 1! Thanks for being patient :) Here are a few projects that have taken place over the last 2 months... Custom Quilt #1 This lovely panel was made by Linda.  When I owned the shop downtown Alanna helped her pick out some of the fabric. It was fun to see how Linda had incorporated it into this wall hanging.     When Linda came to see me she had a game plan of what she wanted in the quilt. She knew she wanted the moon to stand out, the one loner block in the bot