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Christmas in June

Good Morning! Today is a lovely day to share another fabulous quilt that Peggy so graciously let me do for her. Peggy had seen one of my quilts hanging in our local quilt shop, Sleepy Valley Quilt Co., and had asked if I had quilted it. Thank goodness I had cards at the shop so she could call me! It amazed me that she could know me by my work. Just goes to show that practice, patience, and continuing to challenge yourself with design and technique proves that you can create your own style of quilting and be recognized for it! Peggy had previously drawn designs that she thought would compliment the quilt on paper. She brought me this paper and I simply took what she liked and put my style into it. I had previously watched a DVD of Judi Madsen's called "Fabulous Background Quilting". I took one of her ideas for applique, which is to echo around it a few times. Although these trees are pieced, I used the idea and echoed around them once. From this picture you ca