Llama Llama

I live two miles from town but it really feels more like the country up here in the valley. We have a neighbor that has about 15 acres and has the cutest little llamas. I was driving home late one evening as the sun was setting and there was this funny shape sticking out from the tall grass. Upon slowing I realized that it was a llama laying down but his neck and head were higher than the grass! It brought a smile to my face after a long day. 

This lovely quilt was made by Nancy for her friend that loves llamas. The pattern is "Lloyd and Lola" by Elizabeth Hartman. It is going all the way to Germany to its forever home.

 I tried to give the llama "hair" so to speak with McTavishing designs. I really think I achieved this, especially in his face. I did feathers for the ears too.

I am calling this llama "Drama". He has so much character! On the blanket he is wearing I wanted simple quilting. Straight lines were the answer.

I had an idea to do swirls/pebbles in the background. I knew I needed another element so I made triangles and echoed them out with fill in between. When my husband saw them he said they looked like mountains. I'll take that as a win. 

Simple straight lines helped tie in the lines on his blanket. The octagons received crosshatching (I think I am on a crosshatching train right now! It is showing up in a lot of my work). 

This was the bottom of the quilt. I tried to tie in straight lines again on the top of the octagons. I did crosshatching again to keep them cohesive. Putting swirls in the seperate segments helped to tie it in to the background quilting of the llama. 

I hope you enjoyed this quilt. I think "Drama" the llama will enjoy his home in Germany and impress people with his sass!


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