So Kind of Pineapples

Have you ever done a Sew Kind of Wonderful project? I have their rulers and a few of their patterns if you are interested. They are so fun and these girls make reading patterns easy! They have lots of modern designs and tons of patterns! Go check them out! 

Teresa from Sleepy Valley Quilt Co. in Port Angeles, WA made this beautiful Mod Pineapples quilt. She asked me to do my magic.... so I did! 

I can tell you I had no clue what to do in the negative space when I saw this quilt. So I started with the pineapples. I wanted to keep them simple so as not to deter from the fun quilting I knew I was going to do. 

Simple straight lines in the pineapple spikes / half square triangles. Then straight lines in the center square. What is great about Sew Kind of Wonderful is that they are longarm quilters too. So they have created a longarm ruler to get those curved lines perfect when you quilt a pattern of theirs!

Here was the start to the negative space. I created a square on point and then filled it in.

Texture, texture, texture. Isn't this beautiful!

In the picture below you can see that I did simple quilting around the pineapple. The background behind them was simple tight lines. This allows the pineapple to "pop" out at you.

In this picture below you can see how I divided the space between the pineapples to create designs within the negative space. It almost looks like it is pieced but it is not. All in the quilting!

You can see I used pins in this quilt. Not something I do often as I normally baste the quilt as I progress down if part of it is not quilted. 

Another area of negative space that lended itself to this design.

I am really happy with my feathers in this quilt. They turned out so beautiful, gave the quilt a little softness and added even more texture! Can you tell I love texture?

Can you see that I did wishbones in the strips between the pineapples? Just another element to the quilt to make it pop. 

Combining different texture elements, such as feathers and pebbles in a design creates a unique look. I only did feathers on one side of the spine, the other side was pebbles. 

I hope you enjoyed looking at this quilt. If you haven't tried a Sew Kind of Wonderful pattern and their Quick Curve Ruler, I highly suggest it. 


  1. It turned out so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your talents!


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